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Once the whole job is complete, you have received your full gallery, you're remarkably happy, and your images are unlike anything you could have ever expected ...
Only now does your quote get paid, within 14 days after that final delivery. I'll work with you until the job is complete right to the end, so you aren't out of pocket until you're happy. That's a promise.

EFT Deposit

Your online gallery will be sent to you within the outlined timeframe in both high-resolution (and a low-resolution format where required) and ready to print / disperse at your discretion.

Full gallery

This process is solely for Theatre Photography bookings.
I know the journos are hot at your heels for some promotional photos to use in the paper alongside their review. Included in your booking will be a top selection from your show's dress rehearsal. These will be provided to you overnight in an online gallery, that you can then send directly to your specified audience.

(selected pakcages only)

Reviewers Gallery

Now this part is crucial. On selected bookings, such as portraits and theatre-hero packages, you will receive a draft gallery of the top images. These will be based solely off of lighting/shadowing, blinking, any blurs etc. and will cut out all the human errors.
From here, you will select your nominated amount of photos, and I can proceed with the development of the final edits.

(selected packages only)

Draft Gallery


Your shoot!

To secure your booking date, you must accept your quote and sign the contract provided to your nominated email. Until those have been confirmed, I can't secure your booking!

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I'm going to be your best friend. We will keep in regular conversation, keeping in touch with every detail through the planning phase as we draw closer to the shoot date. No detail is too small. You'll have my phone number, and I'll expect you to use it!

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Let's chat! Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or even over a coffee!
I want to know the best way to serve your upcoming project.


It doesn't need to be formal! I'm a pretty easy going guy. 
Shoot me a DM on instagram, a message on Facebook, or if you want to keep it classy, let's go with an email. Head over to the Contact page, or click one of these icons below:

Initial Contact

Alrighty. Let's cut to the chase. You haven't just stumbled your way onto this page aimlessly, so I'm gonna share with you every detail of the next few processes for your booking.

Below, you'll find a step by step guide detailing your experience with me from start to finish. There are some elements that are unique to certain booking types, and that's for good reason! All packages have been tailored to ensure the highest value, and most suitable elements, with no wasted time.

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What to expect when
you make an enquiry:

What to expect when
you make an enquiry:

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